What Cake Matches Your Personality?
?Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake.?

What Cake Matches Your Personality?

  1. Sonucun: Carrot Cake

    You carry yourself with a strong presence and never back down when someone voices an unjust opinion. You are wholesome and also have the epitome of power.

  2. Sonucun: Red Velvet Cake

    You have an edge to you that no one can quite figure out. You enjoy being a mysterious individual who stands out amongst the other cookie cutter wannabes.

  3. Sonucun: Devil?s Food Cake

    You are quite devilish, but you didn?t need me to tell you that. You vibe well with whoever you meet and often come off as the smoothest individual of your friend group.

  4. Sonucun: Vanilla Cake

    You have a refined, classic taste and are universally loved for your ability to have a good time no matter where you are. Despite being vanilla, there?s nothing vanilla about you.

  5. Sonucun: Lemon Cake

    You are known for your non-filtered attitude. You like to say what?s on your mind, which makes you both honest and controversial. People love hearing what you have to say next and you often keep them on their toes.

  6. Sonucun: Banana Cake

    People often feel comfort and security when you?re around. You make sure everyone?s opinions are heard and are quick to cut any bullshit from your life.

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